What we do

We are disrupting the way advertising runs.

We are deeply committed to serve publishers with comprehensive solutions to monetize their website and advertisers with easy solutions to access targetable audiences.

Using our Programmatic advertising platform. We help businessess achieve highest possible ROI at the comfort of your budget through narrow targeting and programmatic optimization. Resulting in higher conversion, user acquisition, and engagement.


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Thorugh our high result yielding Demand side platform (DSP) solutions we offers flexibility to our partners by enabling them to efficiently manage their campaigns and engage with their target audiences.

Advanced targeting

Conversions tracker

CPM bidding


Dynamic Ad Formats


Revenue Builder

We created an unified package of solutions to meet the demands of publishers by helping them offer tools to manage, optimize and monetize their website or app and deliver powerful solutions to maximize fill, eCPM and revenue.

Seamless Integration

Header bidding

Inventory Management

Devices, Channels, Dynamic Ad Formats

Programmatic Selling Models