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Here at Dazzle ads, we are focused On delivering the best enterprise level advertising solution

Dazzle ads offers a complete full-stack package of AdTech solutions for digital advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies that help businesses achieve impressive results across all channels, devices and ad formats. Our transformative approach towards programmatic advertising is making advertising simple.


We are disrupting the way advertising runs by designing high-quality automated digital advertising solutions. That generates highly predective, optimized and consumer oriented ad campagin. In turn help media buyers achieves their expectations and drive revenues.


What we do ?

How we innovate advertising

It's our Ingredients (the technology and the approach) that makes our secret sauce does wonders for you that makes your complex advertising problems into simpler solutions.


Maximize your advertising revenues.

Sell your ad space, no matter where it is.

With Dazzle ads traffic sources, that delivers unparalleled opportunities for web publishers and app developers that are willing to maximize their revenues using our agile supply side platforms (SSP). It allows necessary programmatic tools to users for effective inventory allocation and monetization management. Our SSP's ensures guaranteed full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels to publishers. Our private marketplaces sllows you to Sell your ad space to premium buyers, monetize unsold inventory via RTB auctions and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic direct.


Clicks. Conversions. Customers.

Get 3x more conversions in less time.

DSP helps advertisers to run AI-powered programmatic ad campaigns across channels, formats, geos, and business verticals with a minimum budget but maximum ROI achieved through narrow targeting and programmatic optimization. Achieve thrice higher conversion, user acquisition, and engagement.

We serve ads for Audio, CTV, Mobile App, Mobile Web and Desktop

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